Gay Straight Alliance Meeting Minutes 9/5/2012

I.      Call to order

C, A, W called to order the regular meeting of the Gay Straight Alliance at 3pm on 9/5/2012 in Rm E2590.

II.      Roll call

W  conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: W, A, C, and A.

III.      Approval of minutes from last meeting

William read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

IV.      Open issues

a)      Fagbug Event (Oct 9th)

(To do: Money Paperwork, Find Facilitator. Advertise. )

b)      National Coming Out Day Forum (Oct 11th)

(To Do: Find Speakers. Find Facilitator. Advertise)

c)      Veterans Event (Oct 29th)

The veterans event is a large scale forum put on by the Social Work Student Organization, they will have a speaker to talk about Don't Ask Don't Tell issue. We are still brain storming how we are going to support this.

V.      New business

a)      Bake Sale (OCT 2nd and 4th from 11am to 4pm)

(To Do: Bake Goods. Find funding to buy supplies.  Schedule who is going to be  at the bake sale.)

b)      Sidewalk Chalk Adverting.

The side walk chalk idea is in case we GSU won't let Erin Park her car in the front we spoke about a Plan B where we would draw a Giant Rainbow colored VW Bug on the side walk at the entrance of GSU. And other drawings and statements.

VI.      Adjournment

W adjourned the meeting at 4:00pm.

To Do List:

Paperwork for bake sales (C)

Ads in GSU View, Twag, Week at a glance (W)

Ask Dr. H about Fagbug Facilitator, contacting teachers about having classes come to Fagbug/NCOD events. (W)

Contact UU to advertise and ask for speakers for NCOD. (W)

Send mass email to LGBT school clubs. (W)

Write article for phoenix (A)

Create flyer for Fagbug/NCOD (Somebody?)

Fagbug Itinerary

Start at 3pm

Introduction of speaker

Erin speaks and play video

Q and A

Closing Statement by facilitator

After Party with GSA and Erin (To Do: Money paperwork)

National Coming Out Day Itinerary

Start at 3pm

Introduction of topic and speakers

Panelists tell their stories (Approximately 15 minutes each)

Q and A

Closing statements

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