Meeting Started at 3:30pm June 27th 2012

The purpose of the meeting was to brainstorm fall events and about the GSA in general. 

We spoke about creating a set of goals for next term:
-Recruitment (teachers, students, and the community)
-Once a Month event or fundraiser
-Develop presence at GSU
-Do Volunteer work as a club
-Set up a regular schedule with regular advertising for meetings

We also brainstormed ideas for the future:

-Have a future discussion about the name of the club. 
-Have a future discussion about the mission statement and purpose of the club. 
-National coming out day event (pretty sure the Dr. Z will front run this)
-Mentor ship with high school GSAs
-Volunteer work
-Tee-shirt (including designing a logo and slogan)
-Safe Zone
-Art fair / Silent Auction (highlight lgbt artists and allies and fund raising)
-Drag fashion show
-Create brochure
-Writing articles for the phoenix 

The next event will be Welcome days. Welcome days is the first or second week of the fall term where all the clubs have a booth to advertise. Last term they had a competition about booth decoration. 
We discussed having a poster board with photos of the events and things we accomplished so far, and having a brochure to hand out. 

We also discussed having a skype meeting before the term next term st

Meeting ended 4:15pm

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