Gay Straight Alliance Meeting Minutes for Wednesday February 6th
  • The GSA participate in a Yarn exercise led by C. It was pretty cool! 
  • We discussed the up coming Valentines Day Bake Sale. C would like all those who are baking to bake the goods from scratch. 
  • We discussed the club budget, and planned to address and gain clarity on the budget provided to us by student life. 

Up Coming Dates
  • Gay Straight Alliance Valentines Day Bake Sale! Thursday February 14th - Noon to 4 pm in the Atrium!
  • The Third Annual Gender Matters conference will be April 13th and 14th. More info here:
  • Leadership Award Packet Available - Monday, Feb. 11th
  • Leadership Award Packet Due- Tuesday, March 7th
  • Leadership Awards Banquet- Friday April 26
President Club Meeting
The Presidents club meeting is a meeting of the presidents or officers of the various clubs in the school. Last Thursday I (W) attended the meeting and took the below notes. 
  • S went over budget changes. The big change is that each club will have their own account number. 
  • The Dean of Students spoke about an upcoming leadership awards for clubs, and leadership banquet. There will be a couple criteria, so more then one winner. Sounds like a pretty cool opportunity!
  • The Student Senate Treasurer spoke about well... Money. She urged clubs to keep up with their bookkeeping. Several club officers expressed their frustrations about the turn around time on reimbursement.
  • The Student Senate Vice President urged clubs to be more creative than bake sales. (Student Senate uplifted the Bean bag toss fundraiser that was going on at the same time as a creative alternative to bake sales. I asked two questions: How much money did they raise, and how was the student participate on the event.  Lastly I made the follow up point that bake sales work at raising money which gives us the resources we need to do events.)
  • Student senate and Student Life urged all clubs to use blackboard. (I asked questions about the content and resources on blackboard for clubs. The news on blackboard is the same event news in the GSU View. The only feature on blackboard that isn't provided by GSU view is the forum for club officers to communicate.)
  • Several of the club officers voiced their concerns about how long it takes to reserve a space and getting bumped because spaces are being over booked. Several also voiced concerns about more effective ways to advertise for events. 
  • I also asked about the purpose and benefits of clubs attending the president club meeting, and if there was a mission statement. I didn't get a clear answer to the first question, and got a No to the second question. I also challenged the other officers on their relationships with other clubs.  The club officers passed around a notebook and exchanged contact information with each other. 

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