Old Business:

Domestic Abuse Flyer
To Do:
Flyer approval (William spoke to student life. It is (even more) almost approved!)
Create team of volunteers

Bake Sale (OCTth 2 and 4th)
To Do:
Who is baking what?
C- Cotton Candy Machine
W- Cupcakes
Who is donating what?
Who is person-ing the booth?
C, A, and W

Fagbug (OCT 9th at 3pm in Sherman Hall)
To Do: 
Put flyer Everywhere (UU, Hand out to classes ect)
Legal Paper work (I spoke to student life they said it was almost done)
Money Requisition (An Invoice must be attached to this paper work. Did with figure out which hotel we are picking for Erin? What is the status?)
Money Requisition for after party snacks. (An invoice must be attached. What is the status?)
Side Walk Chalk approval 

National Coming Out Day Forum (Oct 11th at 3pm in Engbretson Hall)
To do:
Create Flyer!
Put Flyer Everywhere!
Find Speakers:
Dr. C
Dr. S?

Before and After Deployment: Trauma and the Impact on the Military Family (OCT 29th at 3pm in the Center for Preforming Arts)
Topics: PTSD, GLBT under Don't ask don't tell, Women Serving as respected leaders in the Military, Family Members of combat Veterans, After Deployment-Warriors to work.
To Do:
Plan how we want to support this event?

New Business:
Ideas for November:
Transgender/Transsexual Form
Drag Show

What is Pierre the Penguin's Gender? (Penguin has been ordered!)
William's idea was to have a giant penguin at all of our functions and have people vote on his gender. We would provide people with a giant list of genders to choose from, and when and if we get enough votes proposition the school about officially making a stance on Pierre the penguin's gender. 

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